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Marketplace Diversity: Unveiling the Power of Single-Vendor, Multi-Vendor, B2B, and B2C Marketplaces

At 3ndey, we bring you a revolutionary solution that combines the power of various marketplace models with a comprehensive AI-driven Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Imagine a single platform that unifies your Single-Vendor, Multi-Vendor, B2B, and B2C Marketplaces, seamlessly bridging your products and services to a diverse range of customers. This ecosystem is powered by our state-of-the-art AI-driven ERP system, bringing a comprehensive suite of functionalities that include:

Restaurant Management System

Our RMS is an integrated software solution designed to streamline and optimize the operations of a restaurant.

Key Features:

1. Order Management: Track and manage orders in real-time.
2. Inventory Control: Monitor stock levels and reduce wastage.
3. Reservation System: Schedule and manage table bookings.
4. Employee Scheduling: Assign shifts and track performance.
5. Analytics & Reporting: Gain insights into sales, customer preferences, and trends.
6. QR Ordering: Contactless dining with QR code-enabled menus and payments.
7. Production: Efficient end-to-end production management and monitoring.

Managing different channels of sales:

1. POS.
2. Delivery.
3. Dine in.
4. Dine out.
5. Table reservation.

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